In order for the customer to be able to rent from our Company, he must be over 21 years of age and also hold his driver’s license for more than a year.
Also in the 21st to 23rd age category of the customer, there is a new driver’s sub-premium charge of 10€/day.
The maximum permitted age limit for the rental is the customer’s 70th year of age.
Here we should point out that in the event that the specific age limit has been exceeded, there should be the corresponding permits from the competent authorities certifying the suitability and authenticity of these documents for their legal use.

Our Company has a service network throughout the country and after consultation with us, we can serve you.

A new driver can rent if he has at least one (1) year in possession of his driver’s license and after he has reached the age of 21.
The above should be proven according to the certified official papers from the competent authorities that the driver should carry with him.
(Driver’s license, identity card or passport)
The tenant must bring the following with him for the rental:
– Driving License
– Identity or Passport
– Credit Card/Debit Card

what is the company’s fuel policy?

The company’s policy regarding fuel is very clear, as received by our Company, that is exactly how they must be returned.
However, in the event that upon returning the rental the fuel levels are less than what was received from our Company, then the customer is charged the fuel difference as well as the 15€ Fuel Service Fee.

Of course the money is refunded if your cancellation is 16 days before the start of the rental or within 4 days of the start of your reservation.
**For more information read our Company’s Cancellation Policy.

Οf course, two people can drive the car you have rented from our company, but before that our company must have received the necessary documents from both drivers to authorize them through the contract concluded between our Company and the authorized drivers.
Also the second driver has a fee of 4€/day.

The minimum rental that can be carried out on a contract basis is 24 hours. The customer always has the option to return it whenever they want within 24 hours.

Τhe insurance coverage options for our Company’s cars are the Βasic insurance coverage package as well as the Full insurance coverage package.
**For more and detailed information
See General Rental Terms on our Company page.